John Krizan is an Iowa artist living in Coralville. Recently, a passion was sparked and nurtured for the elegant art of hot glassblowing. John finds inspiration in both the natural and industrial environments around him, and channels these influences into his exquisite glass pieces.

John’s innate curiosity and hands-on desire to understand and respond to the world around him lies in the heart of his creative drive; conveying his musings from his brain, to his hands and into the piece.

John produces and promotes his own work through his website, Etsy, and at local shows and sales. His next goal: build a mobile hot glass unit called Satellite Glassworks. With his mobile unit, he will travel to schools, community events and other venues to showcase the breath-taking process of hot glassblowing.


Special Services

  • Demonstrations
  • Workshops
  • Art Festivals
  • Commissions (custom art)
  • Public Art
  • Urns


John Krizan

For more information or any questions please send me an email.